Welcome from the Upper-Division Pathways moderator!


Greetings from the moderator of this category!

This is a good place for discussions around the need for innovation in mathematics and math-related curricula at the upper-division level, and how successful curriculum models can be evaluated, scaled up, and disseminated to other institutions. I hope you will start threads on different topics. A few ideas (but don’t feel constrained by these!):

  • Creating flexible portfolios of pathways and tracks for the math major

  • Designing interdisciplinary courses, such as mathematics of networks, cryptography, financial math, algorithms, and mathematical biology

  • Meeting demand for data science and machine learning

  • Incorporating offerings in modeling and computation

  • Describing effective models of student research

  • Discussing successful involvement with industry

  • Integrating programming experience into the major

  • Designing and implementing Capstone projects

I look forward to the discussions!
Karen Saxe