Taking Advantage of Existing & Innovative Structures

What structures can we (TPSE MAG Teaching Practices and Strategies working group) take advantage of and how can we discover what new innovative structures are out there now?

Haynes’ Electronic Math Ed Seminar, MAA Project NExT, AMATYC’s ACCCESS, CoMInDS, SEMINAL, Progress through Calc, CBMS

Perhaps it was under this heading in our discussion that the desire arose for examples of structural changes within departments. Some have been reported on in ESME:

21 Nov 2017: Teena Gerhardt, Transforming the gateway: Redesigning large introductory-level courses [at Michigan State University]

5 Dec 2017: Robin Pemantle, Active learning at Penn: 2013–2017

2 Apr 2019: Ralf Spatzier, Inquiry based learning at Michigan

To access the video, slides, and associated links for these talks, go to
and track down the date.

If you know of other examples, it would be great to have presentations of them on ESME!

Regional inquiry-based learning communities, see https://sites.google.com/view/iblcommunities.

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