REU in Data Science seeking undergrads, grads, postdoc


I am writing to ask if you would be willing to personally encourage 1 or 2 students to apply for MSRI-UP, the summer research program for undergraduates at MSRI in Berkeley, CA. I am directing the program in 2018 and David Uminsky (University of San Francisco) will be the Research Director, leading projects on “The Mathematics of Data Science”.

We look for students who are very motivated and hard-working, and enjoy working intensely and collaborating with others. One explicit goal is to help build a more diverse mathematical community: over 85% of our alumni are members of underrepresented minority groups, over 45% are women, and over 50% come from institutions with limited research opportunities. Candidates do not need to have a stellar GPA, previous research experience, or extensive math coursework (linear algebra and proofs are sufficient; programming skills ideal but not required). We are looking for students with great potential for whom this experience will truly make a difference.

Many students in our target population don’t necessarily know about REUs, don’t believe that they are qualified for them, or don’t know how to apply. This means we rely on (and are always very grateful for) the recommendations of faculty like you. Could we ask you to reach out to a couple of students and encourage them to apply? I will also be happy to help them with any questions they might have about the application process.

Please note that applications received by February 15 will receive full consideration. (Applications submitted after February 15, 2018 but by March 1, 2018 may still be considered in a second round of acceptances.) We expect to begin making offers for participation in late February or early March.

All the information is available at

and the application is at

Likewise, we invite nominations for the postdoc and graduate research assistant positions of MSRI-UP 2018. Spread the word or send us names of people and we will reach out to them.

Feel free to pass this message to colleagues within your networks.

Thank you!!

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