Modeling in Mathematics Courses


We at SIMIODE-Systemic Initiative for Modeling Investigations and Opportunities with Differential Equations ( are offering FREEresources and collaboration opportunities for faculty interested in using modeling in differential equations. We are also interested in hearing from colleagues who use modeling in other courses. More examples published in SIMIODE and elsewhere help others take steps to do modeling in their teaching. Always go beyond your classroom with your examples, activities, and successes.

Students remember and cherish applications and models using their mathematics. Modeling gives them the opportunity to test their knowledge and broaden their content base as they find they need a tool to address the situation at hand in their modeling. Moreover, curiosity is fostered and curiosity drives new learning of mathematics.

Join with colleagues in SIMIODE - ALL is FREE. Check out our [Starter Kit]( /starterkit). Consider participating in our Student Competition Using Differential Equation Modeling – SCUDEM.

Most importantly, share your stories of modeling in mathematics in the many places where you engage in dialogue about teaching mathematics.