Electronic Mathematics Education Seminar #2 from MIT


An invitation from the Teaching and Learning Laboratory at MIT:

Please join us in our next Electronic Mathematics Education Seminar (EMES) on Tuesday, 9/26 from 12-1 pm EST. Jeremy Orloff (MIT) and Jon Bloom (Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard) will share their experiences flipping a probability and statistics course.

Where: to join the seminar, please click here, which will invite you to download the application Zoom, where the meeting will take place.

Info: for more information about past and future events visit EMES’s new website.

Suggestion & communication: if you have suggestions about speakers, topics, better times or technology – or if you would like us take you off this mailing list – please let us know! To be added to the EMES e-mail list e-mail Lourdes at laleman@mit.edu.

Feel free to share widely and invite other colleagues.

We hope to see you next Tuesday!

With our best wishes,

Haynes Miller
Department of Mathematics, MIT

Lourdes Alemán
Teaching and Learning Laboratory, MIT