CBMS and TPSE Research Advisory Group request


The Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences, working with TPSE, has set up a Research Advisory Group “to inform the policy decisions that affect mathematics education by providing a locus for the identification, consolidation, and dissemination of the relevant data, measurement tools, and research that exist and to identify the gaps that need to be filled.” Information on the is effort can be found at http://www.cbmsweb.org/research-advisory-group/.

We are currently seeking to identify problems that departments of mathematics are facing and for which data, measurement tools, and/or educational research would be helpful. We ask for two or three examples of such problems for your department and a description of the resources you would find helpful in addressing each problem.

Please submit your response on the Google form at



This response came via Twitter (https://twitter.com/tpsemath): Flipped vs blended comparisons are limited. Need CIs for all basic math courses. Myths developed by P2P methods. UDL philosophy impact.