Advancing Mathematics Pathways for Student Success (AMPSS)


We are at a special time – we have the opportunity to considerably diminish the mathematics barrier to postsecondary student success by scaling up the successful redesign of math pathways. This is where AMPSS fits in.

AMPSS is a national partnership led by Brit Kirwan to work with you and your institutions to transform math pathways for millions of students. AMPSS comprises organizations that have:

We are also beginning to collaborate with many other groups, including AACC, ECS, and others.

AMPSS is committed to advancing math pathways redesign across 40 states in the next 5 years, and we believe we collectively have the right expertise and the right stakeholders involved for making this happen.

How AMPSS can help you with math pathways redesign:

  1. AMPSS will soon have a readiness assessment and practitioner’s guide to help institutions, systems, and states assess their needs; relate those needs to the expertise available; and connect you with the appropriate resources and assistance to suit your context.
  2. AMPSS intends to define national norms and data for math pathways to most effectively integrate your efforts into other student success initiatives your institution might be undertaking, and through this coherence further build national momentum with institutions and potential funders.
  3. AMPSS will track national progress, and enable states to benchmark their efforts against those of others.
  4. AMPSS can connect you with each other within states/systems/regions to garner the benefits of a collective effort.

There are already many resources ready from our partner organizations and others; see our website for links.

If you’re interested in learning more about AMPSS or connecting with others in your state who may be working on math pathways, please contact me. You can always reach us through our website,

Questions? Comments? Reply to this thread and let’s talk about it!

David May, Project Director
Advancing Mathematics Pathways for Student Success